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When you lose a tooth, the unsightly gap can cause one to be self-conscious about his or her smile.

Fixed Bridges Merritt Island

If you have a gap in your smile from one or more missing teeth, fixed bridges are a good option to restore dental comfort, function, and appearance. Fixed (non-removable) bridges are custom-made prosthetics that contain natural-looking replacement teeth. They are highly durable and a great option to replace missing teeth.

If you believe a bridge might be the best option for your compromised smile, our doctors will examine your dental needs and advise you on whether or not they think a fixed bridge is right for you. If they believe you are a good candidate for a fixed bridge, they will permanently anchor your bridge to the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile (or, alternatively, to dental implants). This will fill the space of missing teeth, restore chewing and speaking ability, and beautifully renew your appearance and oral health. Bridges look and feel natural, they prevent existing teeth from shifting out of position, and can also stabilize the relationship between the patient’s teeth, gums, lips, and face shape. Your bridge will be crafted from high-quality materials that provide lasting results.

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Yomi® Robot-Assisted Dental Surgery


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Robot-assisted dental implant surgery is here and Yomi® provides an unprecedented level of precision and control to improve patient care and quality of life. Yomi provides visual and physical guidance that helps us to place your implant perfectly. Let Yomi bring you precisely where you want to be!

“We are excited to offer this new robotic technology and its many benefits to our patients. With Yomi we’ve reached an unprecedented level of precision and the digital workflow creates easy communication and planning within the dental community. We are the only restorative practice in Florida that uses this technology.” – Dr. Sundeep Rawal